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Build your Brand Identity with Promotional Products

March 21st, 2012

One of the most important things for any business is to develop a brand. A brand is made up of a combination of everything your business entails, including; customer service, product quality, marketing materials, and of course, the logo. A brand is the way customers perceive your business and service as a whole. The logo on the other hand, is what identifies a business or product. It is the trademark symbol that quickly identifies who you are.

A logo should represent the image you want to portray. It should easily identify your products, service or company and be immediately recognizable. You may ask yourself, what makes a great logo? How can I make a logo that stands out? There are many answers to this question, but the basic design principles to achieve a quality logo should include; simplicity, suitability and timelessness.

Simplicity creates a logo that is easily identifiable and eye-catching, such as the Apple logo or the Nike swoosh. Avoid logos that are too busy, have multiple gradients or many different aspects. Often times, the more stripped down a logo is, the more of an impact it creates. Suitability of a logo ensures that your design is appropriate for the target audience and represents the products, service or business accurately. The timelessness of a logo is also a very important factor. A logo needs staying power and should be designed with that in mind.

So you have your logo, now what? One of the most effective ways to showcase your logo, build your brand identity and help advertise your company is with promotional products. Promotional products are a cost effective way to advertise, and people love to receive them. Each promotional item that is customized with your logo and given out, will serve as a reminder and extension of what you or your business is about. Luckily, there are thousands of promotional products available, so the possibilities are nearly limitless. To stay consistent, it's often a best practice to add your logo to every business card, corporate check, letterhead, ballpoint pen, desk calendar or promo product your company will use or giveaway. This creates uniformity throughout every aspect of your marketing and strengthens the brand identity.

What are the most effective promotional products? There is no one right answer to this question. The right promotional product varies from business to business and will depend on your end goal and the audience you want to reach. So, what are some popular promo ideas for advertising a business or event?

Eco-Friendly products are a highly popular choice. Items such as recycled keychains, reusable shopping bags and stainless steel water bottles are products you can feel good about using. Because these products are reusable, they will get your logo noticed with every use. Environmentally friendly products are ideal for practically any occasion and make excellent "green" alternatives to ordinary products.

Classic business products include; personalized pens, business cards, corporate gifts and presentation folders. These items are easily distributed and perfect for solidifying business relationships. Business promotions add uniformity to any advertising campaign and will often take up residence on the recipient's desk, so they're easily accessible and seen often.

Personalized event products are some of the top selling promotions. Products such as, custom coasters, printed napkins, disposable cups and imprinted matchbooks are ideal for large events, banquets, corporate meetings, restaurants and bars. They're an effective way to add a personal touch to any occasion and offer a consistency when used along side other personalized items.

With so many promotional items available today, the possibilities really are endless. Showcase your logo, spread the word about your event and grow your brand identity by using promotional products.


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"Awesome" your blog is promoting promo business. It's important to choose best represented your firm or company, and that way to benefity

by District PublishingMay 14, 2022

Promotional items are the best way of promoting a business. It is important to choose an item that best represent your company and that will be beneficial to your customers. Other than that, these items can also be given as reward to employees for a job well done.

by Dave WhalleyOctober 29, 2014

Great Article...The most important thing in promotional items is that how they get to a customers hands. A good way of distribution of promotional items must be thought out by entrepreneurs. The use of promotional products for branding is so important. They act as a constant promotion of your business and boost any companys image.Thank you for sharing...

by Geet ChoudharySeptember 20, 2014

Love metallic color on the bottles.

by PavelSeptember 04, 2013