Custom Website Design
"Select Your Package"
Step 1

Logobee offers custom website design solutions for all types of businesses.
No templates or third party software. We build your site from scratch according to your design preferences and content.

You can start by visiting the
web design prices & order section of our web site to find a list of our custom website design packages.

Custom Website Design

Select one which best suits your needs and click ORDER or INQUIRE to start compliting the secure on-line order form.

Fill in your personal contact information, and information related to your website. You will get a chance to describe your business, design preferences and attach any files.

(if you chose our BundleBee package your form will only contain logo related questions. When the logo is completed we will ask for your web design information.)

At the completion of the order form there is no payment required until your inquiery price is confirmed by our web specialist, with the exeption of a BudleBee package which requires to be paid in full before we start working on your project.

Custom Website Design
Custom Website Design
Step 2
Custom Website Design

Your received form will be reviewed and you will be contacted by one of our reppresentatives to confirm your order and go over critical details of your web project.

We provide multiple custom website solutions and functions which may include: e-comerce, blog, sign up processes, or any other action ...

All the functionality of your website will be discussed in details. For a complex project a blueprint of all major functions will be provided.
Your total price will be confirmed.

For every Web Design package we require a signed version of our contract. It will include all the features LogoBee is responsible to provide.

At the same time we will prepare an invoce to be paid over the internet.
Tier2 and Tier3 may have the total payment split in 2 or 3 parts depending on complexity of your project.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Custom Website Design
"Design Review"
Step 3
Custom Website Design

After your payment and the signed contract has been received, we will set up a project page and email the link to you.

Web design projects are normally split in to two or three stages.
1) Visual design
2) Conversion to proper HTML code
3) Programing functionality (for example e-commerce or CMS).

We start the visual design of your 2 pages first. You should be able to view your initial design variations in 5 business days after we receive your full content for 2 pages of your project. It is usually the home page and one of the following pages.

We will post your design variations on to your project page. You can approve one of the samples or request additional changes.

Custom Website Design
"Design Approval"
Step 4
Custom Website Design

If you requested changes your input will be processed accordingly.
You may request changes to the layout, pictures, text, colors...
We will complete the changes and post it back to your project page.

If you approved your design we will proceed to designing the rest of the pages. We will require all the content necessary for all your pages.

When you approve all your pages, we will move to a conversion stage. We will convert all your pages in to a working HTML format.

Custom Website Design
"Site Launch"
Step 5
Custom Website Design

When conversion is comleted, you will get a chance to test your website on our server.
You can approve it or request some additional changes.

If you approve your site and no additional fuctionality is required we will upload and set it up on your host provider.

If your project requires some additional functionality such as e-commerce,blog, or CMS, we will start the third final stage of your project.

Since we provide custom build (no third party software) timeframe for such operation depends on the complexity of your project. When the work is done you get a chance to view and test your fully functioning site on our server. When you are fully satisfied with the work we will upload and set it up on your host provider.