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Kristopher Kluver
Wellennium B.V.
5 out of 5
Wellennium B.V. Logo

Dear Paul and the LogoBee team, , “Houston we have a winner!!! Thank you so much for working with us so diligently; we recognize that the road was challenging at times but so does the goal; from the outset we set the bar high for a logo that would represent side by side our culture and value proposition. Here is the story behind this design; the logo consists of the name of the company Wellennium. The color turquoise represents “health”, and the fingerprint pattern on the word “WELL” represents our desire to make everyone individual world, a better world. The purple color represents nobility. Nobility is “… is a social class, normally ranked immediately under royalty, that possesses more acknowledged privileges or eminence than most other classes in a society, membership thereof typically being hereditary…”. Our brand slogan is “Life Worth Living” and we are seeking to establish a virtual community of like-minded people who believe in making their lives better, hence is the nobility metaphor. The pencil scribbles represents the uncertainty we all face in life. The word ENNIUM is cut out in white represent the hope and new positive energy we wish to deliver to everyone of our community. The white words also represent the light at the end of the dark tunnel. So now you know it, smile. ! Back to your design work. We are proud that you were part of the creation of our brand identify and we will always cherish your professional contribution to our venture. We will make sure that your credit is well documented on our website. In addition, we would be more than happy to be part of your promotional marketing material. You also may use as references to the quality of work you delivered. Thanks again for your patience and creativity. We salute your for your ability to interpreted our idea into a reality. If you are in the future in Netherlands please feel free to come and visit us. Respectfully, Doron and Monique Wellennium B.V.

Dr. Doron Zilbershtein
Humble Entrepreneur
DC Vault
5 out of 5
DC Vault Logo

I am currently referring an acquaintance to logobee for her new small business startup logo design. I used logobee a few years ago for my team/company logo design and have been extremely pleased ever since with the final design results and the stationary and business cards I still use today. The unlimited revision option for logo design is extremely helpful and the logobee staff was very responsive to every revision request I made.

Owner/Founder/Head Coach
Atlantis Properties
5 out of 5
Atlantis Properties Logo

I came to Logobee with a few simple ideas on refreshing our company logo and they did exactly as I asked with a few of their ideas thrown in. I settled on one logo, but then later decided against it and they were happy to start over and quickly came up with the final logo with the ideas that I provided for them. Great company to work with. Thank you.

Danny Cargill
Marketing Director
E-Nova Tech Supply
5 out of 5
E-Nova Tech Supply Logo

Logobee was fast efficient, responsive and created exactly what I was looking for. I have already recommended Logobee to two of my friends and they are going to use Logobee too! This was a small price to pay for a professional Logo. What a great time and headache saver! Thanks Logobee!

Regenerative Orthopedics
5 out of 5
Regenerative Orthopedics Logo

I am very pleased with the entire process. Logobee was very responsive and made the entire process easy. I would recommend their services highly. I love my designs!

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