8 Steps How To Write The Perfect Logo Design Brief

September 16th, 2019


You decided that your brand new business needs a brand new logo. The only problem is that you are not a designer and want a professional to do the job for you. The easiest solution is to create a logo design brief that will help you find the best designer for the job. Here are ten steps hot to write the perfect logo design brief.

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Top Tips to Create a Logo That Wins Customers Over

August 9th, 2019

Creating a logo is the beginning of building your brand’s identity. Most people mistakenly consider that it’s an easy task. However, making a perfect logo that win customers’ hearts is much more than a fancy font and pretty color combination.

Image: pexels.com

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Wine Bottle Logo Design

July 10th, 2019


LogoBee is one of the oldest custom logo design firms on-line. As a result, it has delivered thousands of custom logos worldwide for a wide variety of businesses. One of a very popular design requests is a wine bottle logo design. Just recently LogoBee was recognized as one of Top Bottle Graphic & Print Design Agency by DesignRush community.


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Get more free goodies through our Logo Design Maker!

November 27th, 2018


As we speak, our free Logo Maker tool is growing. We are constantly adding new templates and upgrading our system. As our special gift for you this holiday season, we have introduced a free social media kit including logo files for all major social media sites. The logo kit contains a Transparent PNG and files for use with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube. You can upload them directly to your account profile on these sites without any hassle. The images are centered and adjusted to fit the format. We hope you enjoy our Logo Maker system and this new package, and submit your feedback to us.

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8 Steps How To Write The Perfect Logo Design Brief

November 16th, 2018


You decided that your brand new business needs a brand new logo. The only problem is that you are not a designer and want a professional to do the job for you. The easiest solution is to create a logo design brief that will help you find the best designer for the job. Here are ten steps hot to write the perfect logo design brief.

1. Understand What a Logo Design Brief Is

The first thing you should do is understand what a logo design brief is. To put it simply, it's your means to find an experienced graphic designer who will create the best logo design for your company. Check out Top 10 Logo Design Tipsto get some tips before getting into work.

The reason why this stage is so important is that you need to have the corresponding mindset going in. If you know what to expect, you will be able to do a better job while writing your logo design brief. You should understand the importance of this document you are about to create.

2. Provide Background about Your Company

This is the number one priority when writing a logo design brief as it will determine how well you convey what you want from the graphic designer. There are several things you should include but the main ones are:

  • Basics: Company name, goals, mission statement, values, slogan, bio, etc.
  • Product: Products or services you offer including how they are created.
  • Target: Target audience and target market as well as any important details about them.
  • Competitors: Who your competitors are and short descriptions of them.

The more specific you are about all of these details, the better. You want your designer to get the whole picture just by reading your brief.

3. Select Your Logo Design Concept or Idea

Now, focus on what your logo design is about. Read the article on Selecting the Concept for Logo Designso that you have a starting point and know where you are heading. Knowing what your concept is or what the idea behind your logo is must be one of your most important priorities as it will assist you in getting the right logo.

You want your logo design to reflect what your company stands for. At the same time, there should be something deeper, some kind of statement that you want your audience to know once they see your logo. Think this through and inform your designer about it by adding it to the brief.

4. Determine Your Style and Color Palette

These are the more technical parts that are still just as fundamental. The style you choose will both reflect and determine what your company is about. The most popular styles are vintage, flat, and minimal, but you can ask your designer about other styles and their opinion about which one will suit your company best.

At the same time, you have to settle for a certain set of colorsor a color palette. This is often influenced by the industry you operate in as well as the current image of your company or the colors you use in your products.

5. Decide On Your Typeface and Logotype

The experts from Studicus, a writing service, claim that "Choosing the font for your logo is like choosing a dress for your daughter. Imagine that you are dressing up your company name to look even prettier than it already is."

In fact, deciding on your typeface and logotype is essential for your logo to represent what your company stands for. It's not just about making it look pretty but also highlighting the unique qualities of your organization. If it is strict and stern, choose a font that is serious. If it is playful and carefree, choose a font that is fun.

6. Set Appropriate Timeframes and Deadlines

You are at the ending sections of your logo design brief and it's time to sum up everything nicely. This section should deal with the timeframes and deadlines for your project. You want to make them appropriate both for you and for your designer so that there are no inconveniences.

Make sure that you are clear about your intentions here so that there are no misunderstandings. If the designer you send your brief to doesn't have time and you need your logo to be created urgently, they will kindly decline and you will have to move on to your other options.

7. Describe Your Budget and Expenses

In the last section, focus on your budget and expenses. Describe them in great detail. Both entrepreneurs and designers usually don't like getting to this part, but it is always necessary and you can't skip it just like that.

It is crucial for you not to miscalculate your budget. If you know that there may be some unexpected additional expenses, try to include that too. You don't want there to be miscommunication between you and your designer.

At the same time, don't send out a logo design brief without a set amount you are willing to pay for the work of a professional. It not only looks amateur but may also upset you when the designer proposes their own cost and it turns out much higher than what you had originally expected.

8. Choose Who Will Be Doing Your Logo Design

After your logo design brief is ready, you can start sending it out. However, you must first decide whether you want a freelance designer to do the job or a design agency to handle it. There are advantages and disadvantages for both of them, but if you decide on an agency, check out Which Custom Logo Design Company to Choose?to get an idea of how to make a better choice.

Final Thoughts

All in all, crafting a great logo design brief is easy as long as you follow these simple steps. Just make sure that you don't skip anything so you can make the most out of your logo design brief and succeed in this job.

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3000+ free editable logo design templates from LogoBee

October 9th, 2018


LogoBee is proud to release its brand new Logo Design Maker tool. While custom logo design has always been and remains our focus, an oft-overlooked aspect of our business is our selection of pre-made logo templates, perfect for the startup company on a tight budget. Our entire impressive collection of approximately 3000 logos has been made available to download free of charge including logo files for all major social media sites. SVG Vector files for the printing use are available for only $39. This collection contains logos fit for corporations, hi-tech companies, medical suppliers, law firms, environmental companies and phone apps – among others – and is continuously being expanded, ever widening the possibilities available to our clients.


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A new logo design half-price promotion for every company from A to Z

October 2nd, 2018


Since the year 2000, LogoBee has been one of the top providers of custom logos created by in-house designers. Right now, for a limited time, LogoBee is launching what may be the biggest promotion in its 18-year existence.

Until the promotion ends, every day will be dedicated to a specific letter that will be displayed on LogoBee’s Promotions page: https://www.logobee.com/logo-design-promotion.php. Any company ordering a custom logo design package on that day is entitled to receive a whopping 50% discount on LogoBee’s services, provided its name starts with the letter displayed that day. Letters will change daily at midnight, cycling through the entire alphabet in order, making it easy for any company to take full advantage of this offer – just check the page regularly and don’t miss the day your letter appears!


Yes, you read that right – 50% off on any custom logo design package created in-house by our professional logo designers. With this deal, every day, someone’s a winner!


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Checkmating: 2018 World Chess Championships logo evokes a sexual position

January 9th, 2018

What comes to mind when you think of chess? Quiet intensity, tactics and combinations, predicting the opponent’s next move, the ultimate battle of wits? If you said “steaming hot sex”, either you have a very interesting fetish or you are the designer of the logo for the 2018 World Chess Championships in London. Maybe both.

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26 best cursive Google fonts for logo design

November 1st, 2017

From logos to business cards, websites to brochures, a font can make or break a medium. The right font can draw attention to your material and make it pleasant to read. But where can you find cool and unique fonts without having to pay extra for them?

Google’s font collection is an amazing resource for beginner designers and pros alike. With 846 fonts in more than 135 languages currently available and more to come, you are certain to find a font for any occasion. Every font in the collection is completely free to download, so even low-budget projects need not compromise on font quality.

We at LogoBee have decided to compile 26 of the most beautiful cursive and brush Google fonts for you, from very formal and elegant script fonts such as Monsieyr La Doulaise and Roundhands to cool vintage fonts such as Lobster and Pacifico. Enjoy the primal, earthen beauty of Rock Salt, the fine, ethereal charm of Euphoria, and many other fonts that will help you add a personal touch to your projects.


1. Arizonia font



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5 pitfalls of using templates for web design

September 28th, 2017


In today’s business environment dominated by the slogan “better, faster, cheaper”, templates are often seen as the go-to solution for everything. Need a logo? Get a free template. Need a website created? There are template-based web development platforms for that as well. Many entrepreneurs tend to think of these platforms as being “basically web design, but simpler and cheaper.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way: there are several drawbacks to web template platforms that custom web design does not share.

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When sports logo design goes wrong

July 12th, 2017


The importance of any logo is impossible to overstate, but sports teams’ logos are in a league of their own. Just think of all the places they appear: the players’ uniforms, memorabilia sold to fans, the team’s home stadium, live on air during televised matches, and so on. A company getting a bad logo is always an unfortunate event at the very least, but a sports team getting a bad logo is nothing short of a catastrophe. This does not stop teams from occasionally ending up with some real stinkers.

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Logo plagiarism: the devil is in the details

March 29th, 2017

Logo design plagiarism controversies are one of the most common topics our blog deals with. However, even as we defend some designers and accuse others, you may have noticed that we have never approached things from a purely legal perspective. Why?

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How simple is too simple in logo design

January 26th, 2017

If you are a fan of tennis, you are probably following the Australian Open, and if so, you may have noticed that just about everyone, aside from Federer, seems to be wearing the same Nike outfit for whatever reason, right down to the sneakers! Not exactly convenient for telling one athlete from the other. How funny that the logo for the tournament should suffer from the exact same issue as well?


The updated logo of the Australian Open has made very few fans so far. According to a poll conducted by The Huffington Post Australia, 66 percent of respondents prefer the old logo over the new one. The overwhelming opinion is that the replacement simply fails to convey the essence of the tournament as well as the old logo – depicting a tennis player in the glare of the scorching Australian sun – did.

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Freudian slip-ups: the most sexually suggestive logos

December 20th, 2016

If father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud is to be believed, the human mind revolves mostly around sex. Looking at some of the logos on today’s list, it’s easy to see where he was coming from – no pun intended. None of them have been created for companies that deal in sexually explicit goods and services, yet they look like they might as well have been. Whether their designers’ sexual urges and frustrations drove them to subconsciously draw genitalia or whether the viewers’ perverted minds caused the misinterpretation of completely innocent designs matters little – one way or another, one they still prove Freud was right.


A word of warning: this article does contain some suggestive imagery and potentially inadequate language, and may be considered mildly NSFW depending on the standards of your workplace.


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FIFA 2018 World Cup mascot: The secret dark side of Zabivaka

October 26th, 2016


Out of the three prospective official mascot designs for the upcoming 2018 FIFA football World Cup in Russia, Zabivaka the wolf was chosen by a landslide, easily beating the competition – a tiger and a cat. He is a charismatic character, whose official biography describes him as “charming, confident and social”, and as “a fair player, [who] values his team members and respects his opponents”. Yet, unbeknownst to most translators, his name tells a different story…

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