Company Name: Kinetiks Media

Logo Design Kinetiks Media


The logo is simple but very eye catching. It expresses motion, technology, future, and innovation. It looks good in a 2-color process with a very unique and original letter K composed of two braces in a swished manner. It was especially designed this way for Kinetiks Media 3-D Flash Animation company.

Client Testimonial

LogoBee met and exceeded all of my expectations with this logo design. I even received my initial samples a few hours earlier than anticipated. I am satisfied with the services I received. They even created a few extra samples that we ended up choosing our final logo design from. Luckily so, I picked the one that was one of the extra's. The collaboration between myself and LogoBee led to a product that is easy to incorporate, both on my website and on printed materials! It is a perfect match wi


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