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Sports promoter returns to the real-world after "Super Agent" TV series

It's not often that the public is able to get a glimpse into the lives of sports agents and promoters. Unless you're Don King, it's common that the athlete will take up a fair share of the limelight. However, after having appeared in Spike TV's reality show "Super Agent" last year, John Bermudez has surfaced to become one of the top sports personalities around.

Despite some initial hesitation from his colleagues, Bermudez snapped up the opportunity to compete in the "Super Agent" series, where a selection of high-profile agents battle to represent top NFL draft-pick Shaun Cody. Although Bermudez didn't win, he made it into the final three out of nine total contestants. It can't be said that the experience and exposure wasn't worth his time.

Aside from being in the reality-TV spotlight, things have been looking up for Bermudez. He recently negotiated a three-year contract between Clinton Hart and the San Diego Chargers, and now handles marketing and promotion for Mr. Hart. Clinton is vying for the starting position at strong safety this season, and looks forward to adding some depth to the Chargers pass defense.

Both Bermudez and Hart share some common ground with one another, having grown up playing baseball in their younger days. Currently they've been busy setting up a non-profit organization for at-risk youth, aptly named "The Clinton Hart Foundation."

Bermudez has also been doing some fine-tuning for his agency "Team One Sports & Entertainment," and recently went through a re-branding process with "When you're dealing with professional athletes, you need to make sure that your own image is in check" said Bermudez. The new logo design will soon be unveiled on his website, featuring news articles, player/athlete profiles and special event listings.

About John Bermudez:

John Bermudez is the President of Team One Sports and Entertainment, a company that provides professional athlete marketing and representation, talent recruitment and promotion.