News - May, 2006

Project Oz Looks to the Future as it Reaches out to Kids in Need

Project Oz Logo Design

Project Oz spices up image with new logo design

Project Oz has been providing at-risk youth with mediation and intervention services in McLean County, Illinois for over 20 years. Recently, they updated their image and logo to assist in the expansion of their programs and services.

Project Oz is a non-profit organization whose focus lies in providing drug abuse education and prevention, gang intervention for high-risk youth and emergency shelter services for runaway kids. Their programs and services are all designed to give at-risk youth the tools necessary to lead healthy and successful lives.

Recently, their programs have grown to offer Transitional Living facilities to troubled youth. The Transitional Living Program is a unique initiative designed to these help young adults move into stable living environments while re-integrating them back into the workforce or into school. The ultimate goal is to have them become self-sufficient in the real world. "It's a great program that takes kids with very few skills and helps them become healthy and truly independent" says Ellen Dietz of Project Oz. "The results have been amazing. Twenty-eight young people have already graduated, and the program is still young. These kids have gone on to office jobs, labor union apprenticeships, and other work."

The program has received a very positive response from the community. Due to the success of the program, Project Oz is now looking to provide similar services for youth who fall victim to domestic violence.

As Project Oz continues to expand their programs and services, they had looked into updating their existing image. However, they lacked the resources and expertise to do so. LogoBee was able to come up with a new logo design that suited the organization very well.

"The new design came at the right time for us. Project Oz is growing, and we found that we needed to update our 35-year old logo to reflect our growth. We're not designers, we're social workers. So, we figured that we'd leave the design to the professionals" said Dietz.”

The effects of the new logo design have been immediately apparent. "The new logo is everything we wanted" explained Dietz. "Because we don't have a lot of money for printing and promotions, we wanted something simple that we could use in-house. LogoBee's new logo gives us a more polished image, and that just makes people feel better about coming to us. The reaction to the logo has been very positive."

About Project Oz:

Project Oz is a non-profit humanitarian organization that has been serving youth and families since 1973. Visit them at