News - December 13, 2007

LogoBee creates logo design for Vienna Art Gallery

Vienna Art Gallery Logo

Graphic art is used to represent the Vienna art scene

The FPKK Przeczek & Seredynski KG art gallery in Vienna has just recently received a logo design created by LogoBee. When one thinks about Vienna images of a rich cultural heritage, classical music and beautiful art usually come to mind. That is why Tomasz Seredynski decided to take his passion for art there and establish an art gallery. The gallery deals mostly in modern and contemporary art. When he decided to get an artistic logo design for his gallery he turned to LogoBee for help.

The logo design for the FPKK Przeczek & Seredynski KG art gallery is very strong and concrete; but it is also simple and easy to remember. These were reasons why Mr. Seredynski wanted this particular logo design. He was happy with the colours used which are platinum/gold and black since these are associated with luxury. Of course the logo design also contains hints of modern and abstract artistic styles since these are the art forms that the gallery deals in primarily.

Art is a passion and it can be one that takes up a lot of time. For those who are serious about art it is usually something that will be prominent in their lives. Mr. Seredynski spends most of his time around art. He plans on taking part in the Vienna Art Fair during April of next year among other artistic events. He would also like to host an exhibit for the artist Jan Niksinski, a Polish abstractionist.

LogoBee practices graphic art, which is a different medium than the type Mr. Seredynski deals with, but they keep themselves very busy as well. The LogoBee team works with many clients for as long as it takes to create the perfect logo design to represent their business. Mr. Seredynski mentioned how happy he was with his final logo design, but that it would not have turned out as good without the help of the LogoBee employees. Speaking to customers and listening to their opinions is part of the reason why LogoBee can make so many artistic logo designs that are tailor made for various businesses.