News - October 15, 2010

Environmentally Advantageous Plans from LogoBee

Green Logo Design and CMS

LogoBee is happy to announce the introduction of two additional programs that will profit the environment. One is a content management system that is going to become greatly beneficial for each and every one of its clients, while the second will be a fantastic reward for one select organisation: a totally free logo makeover for their outstanding efforts to preserve our environment.

The new content management system introduced by LogoBee will be of great use to all of LogoBee's clients. It enables all of the communications between client, designer and project coordinator to be stored in one place. This means that there will be no more need for duplicating emails or worrying about emails getting delivered properly. It also greatly reduces the need for printing, which is good both in terms of saving money and saving the environment. At LogoBee, there will be no more need to print out schedules, while clients will not have to print out emails to keep a proper record. Complete history of all the interactions between LogoBee and its customers will be kept in the new content management system.

Beyond this increased efficiency, LogoBee also would like to do more to help the environment. Of course, as with most businesses, becoming more efficient and reducing their carbon emissions is about all that LogoBee can do by itself. However, logo designers have long recognised that their role is to help other businesses. Help them get noticed, help them to put across the right image, help them to get more opportunities to do what they do. To this end, they recognise that they are in a position to be able to offer their services to deserving organisations for free, as a way to give something back to the community or environment in which they live. They have been doing this for a diverse range of not-for-profit organisations since 2005, but this year have decided to concentrate on environmental organisations.

“We are eager to take a larger role in the global movement towards environmental sustainability, and these are our first steps to do that,” Pavel Rohkmanko, President and founder of LogoBee has stated. Indeed, the whole company is very excited to have this opportunity to make a real difference in the world.

Operating out of Montreal, Canada, LogoBee has earned prizes for its designs for organizations from across the world. It specializes in making custom logos for its customers, but additionally designs websites, brochures and fliers, business cards and much more.