News - August 15, 2008

Precious Memories Monuments Launches New Business

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Logo design from LogoBee sets the mood on new site

Precious Memories Monuments recently launched their new business and website. They offer assistance to people who desire to honor the memory of their loved ones with a memorial. After obtaining all required licenses and endorsements, the Precious Memories Monuments website is up with their fresh logo design from LogoBee.

Today’s gravestone dimensions and designs must meet stringent cemetery regulations. The sales agents at Precious Memories Monuments are very proficient at assisting a customer with personalizing a memorial while coordinating their design wishes between the cemetery and the granite-bronze manufacturer. The result is a smooth approval, manufacture and installation process. Precious Memories Monuments also have a large selection of bronze and hand-crafted wood urns that can be personalized. All of this is offered at a fraction of the cost that cemeteries and funeral homes charge.

Another stand out area for Precious Memories is their strong work ethic. Starting a new business takes a lot of time, dedication and hard work. That is the reason why the launch of a business is so satisfying. The start-up check list includes establishing a corporate identity. One of the first tasks is acquiring a logo design which is used as a symbol representing the business; and it will set the tone for all further marketing material. The elegant pearly gates in the Precious Memories Monuments logo design, and the light shades of blue gives the impression of relaxation and comfort. These are the desired qualities for a funeral services business. This comforting design was the basis for the overall layout design that Precious Memories Monuments presents on their website. The amount of effort Precious Memories Monuments exerted while developing their logo design with LogoBee, and while constructing their website, truly reflects the amount dedication they will provide to their customers.

If paying less for top quality supplies, and receiving heartfelt and dedicated service from caring individuals are important qualities that you look for in a business, then visit the new Precious Memories Monument website to find out more about what they have to offer.