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Atlas Property Group  Logo

"Atlas Property Group "
final logo design

Business Description:

Logo design for a residential property acquisition

Logo Description:

This is an icon type logo design. The main concept of the logo is a uniquely designed mythological Atlas holding the world and the house image. The logo has a great reference to the company name Atlas, and companys business of residential property acquisition. It is a clean, corporate image. The logo depict senses of precision, sophistication, and class.

Design Requirements:

Design a logo, emblem for the brand. A Column would be something associated with both atlas and building, just as another possibility. I want something clean, professional, prestigious, simple, something that portrays strength, success, etc. The logo portion can be anything really, and the name of the company can be more of a focus. I also like the abstract images of the earth or a planet, etc, as another possibility. Im really open to seeing something creative that portrays the qualities i noted above.

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