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Khalsa Infant Food Bank Logo

"Khalsa Infant Food Bank"
final logo design

Business Description:

Custom logo design for an infant based goods delivery to large food banks.

Logo Description:

This is an icon type logo design. The company operates with the Sikh religion ethos in mind. This logo features an image of a baby, heart, and the Sikh religious symbol of Ek On Kar Khanda. It depicts senses of care, love, and subtle religious hint.

Design Requirements:

Design a logo, emblem for the brand. However this Food Bank is designed with the Sikh religion ethos in mind, but its intent is to be open for everyone and not specifically focused on faith. One ideas was to showcase a newborn infant in a swaddle (non descriptive to male or female or race) and somehow incorporate subtly the Sikh religious symbol of Ek On Kar Khanda sword symbol. The Khanda is a double edged sword that is seen in South Asian culture, and has significance to the Sikh faith. An idea we had was to use the two outer swords of the Khanda as “arms” cradling a baby, but we’re not tied to this idea. Obviously the juxtaposition of swords and babies could be an issue, but perhaps softening the swords would work. Just ideas. These Sikh religious symbol should not be easily seen, but rather hidden within the folds of the swaddle as part of the outline of the infant body. In other words, the symbol would be outlined around the infant’s body within the swaddle so to members of the Sikh/Indian/Punjabi community it is seen, but not something jumping out as a foreign symbol to someone who does not know what it is.

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