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OnTimeWork Logo

final logo design

Business Description:

Logo design for a software company, that allows easy managing, invoicing, auditing to its clients.

Logo Description:

OnTimeWorks (OTW) is a platform as a service (PAAS). It provides software platform for other companies to migrate their business applications to. When they do, they are able to offer their products in a cloud. OTW provides foundation for new companies to launch rapidly and scale easily. Companies do not have spend resources (and reinvent the wheel) creating account managing, invoicing, auditing and other similar functions - OTW takes care of that. All they have to do is use open architecture to migrate their business logic.

Design Requirements:

Logo should be an Icon with 3 letters (OTW). For the icon, possibly stylistic image of earth with icons of office buildings on it. Basically representing businesses that we help grow. Maybe some play on clock/gears. Icon should be simple enough for use in small resolution for social media. For the letters in the logo, it would be nice to have some good typography. Cutting edge technology for businesses, reliable, stable, and innovative.

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