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PDTi Logo

final logo design

Business Description:

Custom logo design for an entity whose purpose is to safely globally distribute vaccines, diagnostic tests and therapeutics.

Logo Description:

This is an icon type logo design. In a very stylized and artistic way this icon is made to resemble four letters of the brand name PDTi and has multiple design references integrated within. It has a rough resemblance of a symbol of medicine caduceus and a red cross - connecting this logo with a medical field. It depicts senses of quality, pride, sophistication.

Design Requirements:

Design a logo, emblem for the brand. We were thinking that a primary color for the logo would be red similar to the Swiss flag. Other colors could be white and black. We want to use a font that is modern but not too daring and not too dated. It should be bold but not overbearing. If there were to be a symbol/logo to for the company, we would like something small, simple and obviously emblematic of our mission. Globes and health care symbols are pretty trite. It might be some play on the words themselves that could be used with our without the PDTi in a font.

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