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Peachtree Creek Animal Hospital Logo

"Peachtree Creek Animal Hospital"
final logo design

Business Description:

Logo design for a Veterinary medicine business

Logo Description:

This is an icon type logo design. This is an image of a peach with hidden characters of cat and a dog. It is a perfect fit for veterinarian business with a name of Peachtree Creek. The creek portion of the name is highlighted with blue wavy lines. Colors of the logo create happy, healthy and inviting look.

Design Requirements:

Design a logo, emblem for the brand. My initial idea was a dog playing in a creek chasing or carrying a peach instead of a ball. Perhaps running towards us in perspective. The hospital and creek are also in a somewhat urban area (Atlanta) so perhaps incorporating this somehow, like building silhouette might be nice if it doesn't make it too busy. The logo has to look good in greyscale. I was also thinking maybe somehow a large peach with a dog and a creek on it or next to it. I'm very open to suggestions.

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