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Personal Package Concierge Logo

"Personal Package Concierge"
final logo design

Business Description:

Logo design for a package concierge service

Logo Description:

This is a mascot type logo design. The character is a pig delivering a package. It illustrates a humorous approach to the company business. Clean lines and solid colors of the logo portray senses of class and sophistication.

Design Requirements:

Design a logo, emblem for the brand. Flying Pig dressed in a tuxedo: with red rich long silk scarf around his neck holding a package which is black and the PPC logo we just used with you, with a simple string white ribbon around the package connoting that the black box is a package, he is a porc, instead of the stork delivering the precious package its the PPC biggie, please do not try to merge or resemble a stork it's a play on the storks purpose only. The pig is dressed like secret service man with wings, protecting packages from inclement weather, and thieves, etc. And is totally and completely trusted in your home conceptually

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