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Sacred Soul Holistic Services Logo

"Sacred Soul Holistic Services"
final logo design

Business Description:

Looking for a logo for a soul coach who helps people regain their joy and sense of life purpose

Logo Description:

This is an icon type logo design. The concept of this logo is a holistic image that represents energy flow in an interesting spiral way. The image fits well with the company that deals with human psychology and helps people in a spiritual way.

Design Requirements:

Design a logo, emblem for the brand. I REALLY like the idea of two different for "Sacred Soul" and then a smaller & different font for "Holistic Services." A logo of yours that I liked that demonstrated this was Kentucky Sky Dive. Further to this, I would like an unusual font for "Sacred Soul" (e.g. "Kentucky" in the aforementioned), or some sort of similar and not traditional font that looks like scrawled handwriting or different kind of printing. "Holistic Services" should be smaller and much plainer

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