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Srikant Mikkilineni for Clive Logo

"Srikant Mikkilineni for Clive"
final logo design

Business Description:

Custom logo design for a political candidate for city council in Clive, Iowa

Logo Description:

This is a text-based logo design. The name is the focal point of the logo for much attention and recognition. It features a meadow in a circle which is a part of an official city of Clive logo and a symbol. The logo depicts senses of trust, getting things done, care, love, and attention to the beloved city.

Design Requirements:

Design a logo, emblem for the brand. I'd like the logo to emphasize my first name so that it does not become too stretched out horizontally. I would like an aspect of the logo to be identifiable enough to be able to be used as the small avatar bubble logo for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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