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Tribal CRM Logo

"Tribal CRM"
final logo design

Business Description:

Custom logo design for a SAAS web application for managing Tribal Cultural Resources.

Logo Description:

This is an integrated text-based logo design. The logo features the company name and a tribal ornament custom designed for the logo. It depicts senses of cultural pride, a connection (network flow) of data, digital technology (wires), and quality.

Design Requirements:

Design a logo, emblem for the brand. One idea is the text Tribal CRM with graphics on one or both ends and the byline Cultural Resource Management. across the bottom. Possibly floral patterns similar to but different from those on the logo you created for one of our events ; another could be a basket or pottery pattern on one end of the Tribal CRM text above the byline. The other idea is the text Tribal CRM and the byline Cultural Resource Management under it with a graphic across the bottom, possibly a ribbon work design or linear pottery design. We are open to other ideas and or variations.

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