News - April 10, 2006

LogoBee Treats Ten Non-profit Organizations to a Logo Design Makeover

Makeover contest receives landslide of applicants, underscoring the need for effective nonprofit marketing

Popular online logo design firm LogoBee, Inc. believes in the thankless work of nonprofit and charitable organizations. Their ongoing efforts help to improve people’s lives and communities all around the world. This year’s Logo Design Makeover, a contest dedicated to the support of nonprofit organizations has officially come to a close. However due to an overwhelming response, LogoBee has chosen to donate a total of ten logo design packages instead of three as had been initially proposed when the Makeover contest began in the fall.

The new logo designs have recently been completed and will soon be unveiled on together with case studies and interviews with the contest winners. The lucky winners this year are: LifeSharers, Care for the Kids, the Columbia County Healthcare Consortium, the Partners Resource Network, Project Oz, the Insurance Pool Governing Board, The Minnesota Restorative Services Coalition, Dial Help Inc., Familia Unida Living with Multiple Sclerosis, and the Community Access Center. These organizations are instrumental in providing public awareness campaigns, educational seminars and direct support to those in need. They are all equally well-deserving of the prize.

In addition to its Logo Design Makeover contest, LogoBee continues to support humanitarian organizations by donating their professional design services. Recently LogoBee has worked closely with Greenpeace, an international organization committed to ecological and wildlife preservation. They have also been collaborating with local fundraising event Step Up for the Cure, a 24 hour stair climbing marathon to raise funds and awareness for the Cancer Research Society. “We understand the importance of image and brand marketing, and it’s applicable to any organization,” says Pavel Rokhmanko, president of LogoBee, Inc. “These nonprofits need to gain exposure to be successful just like any other company, and the easiest way for them to accomplish this is through effective marketing practices. If we can help them out with an eye-catching logo design then we are more than happy to do so.”