News - March 13, 2008

Heart Warming Feature on CNN Money

Anthony’s Beehive Logo

The article is a remarkable story about a young man with epilepsy who took a hobby of his and created a successful business called Anthony’s Beehive. Montreal based graphic design company LogoBee, Inc was very proud to learn about their client’s recent feature in FORTUNE Small Business on CNN Money. Anthony’s Beehive was a pleasure to work with on their logo and web design projects; and their journey is a touching story for all readers.

LogoBee was moved by the story of Anthony’s Beehive; the story hit close to home since the chief LogoBee coordinator working on their logo design and web design projects, Tim Liboiron, also has epilepsy. Tim feels strongly that Anthony’s odyssey is a tale that needs to be spread. Tim worked on this project vigorously to see Anthony receive the logo design and website that best portrayed Anthony’s Beehive.

The feature basically covers Anthony’s story starting from his birth and ending at running his successful business today. Born with epilepsy, Anthony’s concerned parents Tony and Terri were worried about his future. Tony returned to school so that he could get a teaching job in order to hire additional care for his son. While in grade three Anthony asked his parents to add bees to the farm that they ran on the side. His interest in bees and their honey led to selling honey to the local shops. One day his parents noticed an entrepreneur course offered at the local high school. The benefits of this course plus Anthony’s incredible people skills helped take his hobby and expand it into a successful business. Anthony’s interest in bees and their unique produce was the reason for his creation of multi flavored lip balms which included the ingredients honey and beeswax. This passion has kept Anthony experimenting with new lip balm flavors and has established Anthony’s Beehive with its twenty flavors of lip balm, as a fascinating business.

Please go to the CNN Money website to read the full feature on this remarkable business and the wonderful young man who lends it his name. LogoBee urges all entrepreneurs to read this story for the inspiration required to make their dreams come true. The article can be found at: