News - March, 2008

LogoBee works with the global business community

LogoBee, Inc. is a graphic design firm that is located in Montreal, Canada. Montreal as a city has a very diverse community living and working there. Canada prides itself in having a multicultural society, similar to the wide spectrum of ethnic communities residing in the United States. LogoBee as a company tries to follow the example of being in touch with its global community by doing graphic design work for businesses located all over the globe.

Whether it is for logo design or website design, LogoBee wants to help. The graphic design firm deals mainly with clients located in Canada and the USA. However, it has just recently wrapped up some logo design projects for businesses located in countries such as the UK, Austria, India, Australia, China and the United Arab Emirates. Working with companies all over is a very satisfying aspect for the LogoBee team; it allows them as individuals to come in to contact with people who have very different cultural backgrounds from their own.

Since we can communicate with clients via e-mails the vast time zone differences are not a problem. Plus, since the finished products can be sent in an e-mail kit containing all of the files for the logo or website design there is no large shipping and handling fee associated with their expert graphic design services.

If you would like to have some professional and creative graphic design work done for your business; and want to deal with a design firm that enjoys working with companies from various societies; then please consider LogoBee, Inc. as your primary choice