News - March, 2007

Culinary Artist Makes Desserts Look Too Good to Eat

Linus Pauling Logo DesignArtistic Desserts hits the ground running with a logo from LogoBee

It's interesting that artists often need the help of other artists from time to time. A recent project of LogoBee's was to design a logo identity for Artistic Desserts. This newly established company is an invention of Michael Markwitz, whose culinary expertise inspired the idea to take cake and dessert design to the highest level. While his confectionary artistry is unsurpassed, he was in need of some assistance in his marketing and branding efforts, including a logo design and website that would effectively communicate his primary services.

His re-branding process began with creating a fresh logo for his company, as it's often best to have a workable logo before moving onto website design. Upon completing the project with LogoBee's graphic designers, he hired on a web designer to help his company develop an online presence. Having finalized everything, Artistic Desserts boasts an attractive corporate identity and website, and is now able to update its web gallery with their latest candied creations.

Linus Pauling Logo DesignArtistic Desserts is becoming one of the premier specialty cake and dessert companies, having one several awards for its designs. Markwitz graduated from the Baltimore International Culinary Arts Institute of Baltimore in 1986, and has been innovating and perfecting his dessert creations ever since.

Some of Artistic Desserts' specialty cakes include three-story designs such as Mad Hatter cakes, gift-wrap and ribbon designs, castles and other artistic delights. These can be tailored into birthday cakes or can be themed for the specific occasion. "For the golf enthusiast, I've done a couple of designs that include edible putting greens, the golf-ball and flag, everything!"

His custom designed cakes are ideal for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, company Christmas parties - just about any occasion requiring that special touch. But his creations don't end with cakes. Truffles and cupcakes are also available during the Christmas season and Valentines. His truffles are themed with port wines or popular liqueurs, while his cupcakes often have unique designs such as turtles or crabs on top, each one created by hand.

Linus Pauling Logo DesignJust how does he make his desserts come to life the way they do? "That's top secret" said Markwitz. "I'm kidding, but I've put years and years into studying the culinary arts and perfecting the process, so there isn't one thing in particular that's going to help you. I have special tools that help me put the finishing touches on my desserts. Some elements need to be borrowed from architecture and sculpture for these creations. However it's all very time consuming, there aren't too many shortcuts!"

The response to LogoBee's revamped design has been a positive one. "We've incorporated the logo into the flash introduction portion of our homepage and it's allowed us to consistently brand the company throughout the website. We've had very positive feedback to the unique and simple design, and it should serve us well for a very long time to come."

About Artistic Desserts:

Artistic Desserts is committed to providing the highest quality pastries, cakes and desserts for special events and occasions. Because every cake design is unique to the client, consultations are done by appointment only. Truffles are available for delivery throughout North America. Cakes are local to Baltimore Maryland and surrounding areas. For more information visit their website: or call 410-871-9610.