News - January, 2007 Goes ‘Live’ with a New Site and Logo Design

Live on the Net Logo Design

New logo and website implemented to assist in the deployment of Live on the Nets’ new services

It’s been almost ten years since Live On the Net began delivering some of the first streaming audio/video broadcasts of sporting events, concerts and other media to online audiences. Recently, they’ve taken on a radically new look as they prepare to release their latest suite of technologies.

Changes to have been made apparent as elements of the old website have been kept to illustrate the company’s continued growth. For starters they’ve dramatically changed the look and navigation of their homepage, incorporating an entirely new color scheme. In addition, they went through a re-branding effort with to help update their logo design. The new logo design is remarkably clean and easy to read. What’s more is that it’s become the focal point of their upcoming branding initiatives.

Interestingly, the graphical element of Live On the Nets’ logo design has been adapted into an incredibly useful marketing tool for their latest StarPhone. The Starphone was designed to enable spontaneous voice conversations and group discussions freely over the internet, and allows users to tune into other media such as live radio shows and sports broadcasts. By incorporating elements of their new logo, they created a unique character, dubbed the ‘LiveStar’ to help with the social networking aspect of their new technology. The LiveStar was created to signify the status of users, shows and events. Grey stars help to indicate offline users, while colored red stars indicate that a user is ‘Live and on the net.’ These stars are very useful tools that can be added to social networking sites such as personal Myspace pages or popular blogs. Users can then click on a friends LiveStar and start up instant voice conversations! Stars that have little microphones indicate that a concert or event is being broadcast, and are similarly color-coded to signify a shows status.

“We hadn’t planned on using the star as a marketing tool, but LogoBee tossed around so many concepts our way that the idea just came to us” said Roger Schneider, CEO of Live On the Net. “Not only has the logo become our brand, it has allowed us to maintain a consistent image over a variety of marketing channels which should prove to be most useful as we roll out our services.”