News - September 1, 2007

BIA Women’s Council of Orange County is holding a fundraiser October 11 with part of the proceeds going to WHW

WHW will be attending this event with its new logo design from LogoBee

Building Industry Association (BIA) Women’s Council of Orange County works to improve the roles for both women and men in the building industry; they also help provide shelters for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. They will be holding a fundraiser on October 11 called “Divine Table of Hope” where part of the proceeds will go to Women Helping Women (WHW).

WHW is a non-profit organization that also works to improve the self-sufficiency of women; whether it is through their “dress for success” boutique or the many other programs that they offer to educate women on how to succeed in the fast-paced business world. They offer great services to women living in the area; it is not hard to see why the BIA would donate part of the proceeds from the “Divine Table of Hope” to an organization like this.

WHW has grown steadily since they were founded in 1993 and have plans to expand more in the future. Executive Director Jeanne Flint said, “We want to expand into serving families- men and women because the need is there.” As a part of their expansion and new image WHW recently received a new look from LogoBee as one of their winners of the annual logo design Makeover Project. The new logo was designed to portray all of these services. Mrs. Flint said this about LogoBee: “I have been so pleased with the quality of work done and the unbelievable customer focus and service provided by LogoBee.” The graphic design experts were happy to offer their professional services to such an outstanding organization.

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