News - June 6, 2011

A change in logo design for Indian environmental film festival

Logo Design  for Indian environmental film festival


The Indian mega-event CMS VATAVARAN Environment and Wildlife Film Festival and Forum is still going strong, as it shall be held this year for the 6th time since 2002, when it was first launched. The festival will be celebrated December 6-10, 2011 in New Delhi. The organizers are doing everything within their abilities to ensure that this year's festival turns out even more successful than the previous years, and one of the keys to success is, of course, logo design.

At the request of the Center for Media Studies in New Delhi, LogoBee has updated the festival's old logo to one more modern and representative of this singular event's goals. According to CMS VATAVARAN, "it is a people's festival of environment and wildlife", which is to say everyone and anyone interesten in sustainability and preservation of the environment can participate, be it filmmakers, the public, or diverse businesses. CMS VATAVARAN is beyond a simple film festival. It is not merely a place for observing the damage on our environment, it is also a place for discussing it.

The new logo underlines this aspect of the event. The previous logo represented a tree missing half of its leaves - admittedly a strong symbol for the devastation of the environment. In the new logo, the trunk of the tree is composed of a pair of people (each colored differently), the branches being their arms spread out in a wide, welcoming gesture, underlining the way the festival brings a diversity of people together. The new logo also insists on the "film" aspect of the festival, as the foliage of the tree is comprized of entwined film strip fused together with leaves.