News - June 9, 2011

Scayl Launches Revolutionary HD Email Service with New Logo Design from LogoBee

Scayl Logo Design


Newly started company, Scayl, has launched their new "HD" email service with a fresh logo design. The new company offers free, private, and secure email service with the possibility to send and receive files of unlimited size. Veteran of the tech industry, company president and CEO Bill Kallman, as well as the rest of his team, all knew that their business needed fresh, clean, and attractive branding. A great logo design is key to gaining a foothold in the market and drawing new users to the service.

Rather than trying to compete with the giants of the industry, such as Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Mozilla Firefox, Scayl decided to carve out a new niche for itself. This new and untapped area would fill the gaps left by current email providers such as Outlook and Gmail. This new approach to email needed a new approach to logos to match, but this new logo design also needed to be professional enough to stand up to those of the existing giants of the industry.

The Scayl software allows emails and files to be sent directly from one computer to another, without passing through a central server where security can be compromised. This feature ensures security and greatly reduces the amount of spam or junk mail users receive. Another main feature of the email service is the possibility to send files of unlimited size for free – images, home movies, anything you want.

With these impressive features, Scayl sets out to redefine email as we know it. Such an ambitious concept required an equally impressive logo design. To create such a logo, the logodesign team at LogoBee collaborated with Scayl over the course of a year. "The long process was well worth it," remarks Pavel Rohkmanko, LogoBee president and designer. "The Scayl logo is simple, clean, and memorable, and focuses around the recognizable lines and circle of a postmark, which has long been synonymous with mail," he explains.

"The final logo design, with the tilted 'S' inside a postmark, fit the company and the service. It serves as a great base for the company's new brand identity, and conveys what they do simply and clearly," explains Jen Royce, project coordinator at LogoBee. "It was the first concept that seemed to resonate with the whole team," Jen adds.

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