News - March 7, 2008

Logobee Creates Artistic Logo Design And Website For L. G. Art Gallery

L. G. Art Gallery new Logo and Web DesignMarketing has always been important to businesses and in the information society of today the internet is a necessity for all companies. One of LogoBee’s recent clients realized this and has taken advantage of their various services. LogoBee offers customers more than just custom logo design services; they also offer graphic design services for business stationery, brochures, flyers and web design. This lets customers get professional design work done to satisfy all of their marketing needs.

Wesley Geys the VP of the L G Art Gallery contracted LogoBee to design a logo. A contemporary and modern art gallery that sells paintings and sculptures located in Florida. Beautiful art sells but a proper brand can help a company get recognized. The abundance of graphic design information available on the LogoBee website; and straight forward explanation for getting started was very helpful in the beginning. The constant customer support ensured that the proper design was created within a minimum amount of time.

Therefore, when Mr. Geys required the creation of a website for the L G Art Gallery he consulted the LogoBee website. The available samples of past websites which were designed by the web team at LogoBee impressed Mr. Geys and he contacted them for an estimate on the website that he had in mind. According to Mr. Geys, “The design process was fantastic. It went really smooth and all the main items were discussed and understood before they went to design.” This led to a sleek website design and CMS which is easy to upload art that is currently for sale. The logo design can be seen on the website and compliments the rest of the site beautifully. Since the same company was used for both designs this was a natural occurrence.

Satisfying your clients should be the goal of any graphic design company and LogoBee strives to accomplish this with every project. Mr. Geys was certainly satisfied and “would absolutely recommend LogoBee to anyone needing a logo or website.” If you are in need in both services, LogoBee would be happy to help.