News - September 21, 2007

September issue of “IPPL News” released with new logo on the cover

IPPL Magazine Cover

News publication includes brief about updated image from LogoBee

The International Primate Protection League is a non-profit organization that strives to protect primates living all over the world. They offer a news magazine that keeps concerned individuals informed about matters concerning the world’s primate population; and the IPPL’s role in protecting them. The “IPPL News” is published three times a year. Subscribers to this will notice that the cover of the September 2007 issue has a different look to it since the IPPL has updated its publication with its new logo design.

The new IPPL logo design, which is an image of a Gibbon cradling one of its young while hanging from a tree, is part of a new public image that was recently adopted. The IPPL was chosen as one of last year’s winners of LogoBee’s annual logo design Makeover Project. The Montreal based graphic design company holds this contest every year around December to give non-profit organizations a chance to win a free public image makeover.

The IPPL mentions the Non-Profit makeover Contest in this issue of “IPPL News” during a column that thanks LogoBee for the work that they did on the new logo design and stationery. This column is a part of the News in Brief section featured in the magazine content. The column also states that the new logo design will be seen on the IPPL website, business cards, letterhead, envelope and all other IPPL publications.

This new logo design of a Gibbon caring for its infant will hopefully convey to viewers how much the IPPL organization really cares about the world’s primate population that it works so hard to help and protect. If this message is delivered; than Logobee has truly done its job.

Additional information about LogoBee:

LogoBee is a logo design and web design company that is based in Montreal, Canada. For more information please visit You can send your questions online or call 1-888-905-6462