News - October 5, 2007

LogoBee logo design is Expanding this October!

Web design services are booming

A year has past since LogoBee added website design to its list of services offered to the public. This service has been a great success for the Montreal based graphic design company. It has attracted new clients who required work to be done on their company websites and others that needed to have a completely new website created. The response to the web design service has been so positive that LogoBee has expanded in order to compensate for the extra business.

In 2000 when LogoBee first opened its doors for business the graphic design company offered logo design and stationery design services. They built up a solid reputation in the graphic design industry with their innovative and original logo creations; which were recognized in 2006 when the company received top honours in both the Summit Creative Awards and the American Design Awards.

Now businesses can get a unique and custom corporate identity created as well as a top-quality website that is easy for customers to navigate. Their new brand image will be viewable to potential customers located all over the world through their presence on the internet. At this time the web design services are offered at a 30% discount; another reason to take a look at what Logobee has to offer. LogoBee is happy to have all of the necessary graphic design services needed to successfully market a business since helping businesses is very important to what the LogoBee team does.

Additional information about LogoBee:

LogoBee is a logo design and web design company that is based in Montreal, Canada. For more information please visit You can send your questions online or call 1-888-905-6462