News - October 12, 2007

The Aviation Sector in the Middle East is Rapidly Expanding

Avio Logo Design

Keep your eyes open for a new logo design in the sky

The aviation sector all over has been going through a period of growth; but this growth is really noticeable in the Middle East. This period of prosperity has been credited by some to the fact that intercontinental flights of regional carriers has grown so much at such a quick pace.

This rapid expansion has been felt at Logobee, a Montreal Based logo design company. Their team of designers just finished creating a logo design for a Jordan-based company that will offer and develop specialized training programs and consultant services to people living in the regions of the Middle East, Gulf and Europe. These services will primarily focus on the inspection, maintenance and airworthiness of modern commercial aircraft.

The founder of this company, who wishes to remain nameless until his company is fully operational, received his degrees and training experience in areas such as the United States, Canada and Great Britain. This dedication to studying the field of aerospace technology and aviation is a good example of how the aviation sector is flourishing in the Middle East.

This aviation enthusiast is planning on having his company up and running, or flying I should say, by mid-2008. So, keep your eyes open for a logo design comprising of a plane soaring over a body of water with the sun blazing behind it. When asked why this particular logo design, created by LogoBee, was approved the owner replied: “The three elements signify the true entity of the business: FLIGHT (the plane), KNOWLEDGE (the sun) and LOCATION (the sea). The design is also simple.” When a logo design is simple that means that it is easy to identify and remember. There should not be any difficulty in remembering a company involved in such an exceptional industry.

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