News - August 14, 2007

Fresh team of MEDICO volunteers prepare for Honduras in September

Medico Logo

New team will show off MEDICO’s new look from LogoBee in Honduras

From September 8-15 a newly formed team of volunteers will be traveling to Nicaragua in order to help the local population. They will offer their skills to these impoverished people in order to improve their quality of life. Honduras is amongst the top three poorest countries within our hemisphere; so there is a great need for this aide.

MEDICO is short for Medical, Eye and Dental International Care Organization; they are a non-profit organization that provides these important services to the people of Honduras and Nicaragua. If not for MEDICO these inhabitants may never receive this type of care. These services are provided by teams of both professional and lay persons that volunteer their time for a minimum of one week.

Since they are a non-profit organization, MEDICO is funded through donations and the fees that are associated with their travel teams. That is why they were pleased to be chosen as one of the winners of LogoBee’s annual logo design Makeover Project. A new public image was provided free of charge. The graphic design team was happy to make this donation to an organization who gives so much.

Additional information about LogoBee:

LogoBee is a logo design company based in Montreal, Canada. In addition to logo design they offer stationery and web design services. For more information please visit their website You can send your questions online or call 1-888-905-6462