News - August 7, 2007

Huge unveiling of scheduled for end of August

Dear Nature Logo and Web Design

LogoBee’s first e-commerce portal

Dear Natur is a new and exciting natural products store that is getting ready to go online in August. Based out of Montreal, Quebec, the store has operated in traditional retail for some time; but its’ web-based store represents a giant leap forward in terms of not only product variety but also functionality. What makes the store somewhat new is the way in which its website incorporates full e-commerce functionality with other features such as RSS feeds to inform customers about new additions to the site, health newsletters, product ratings and reviews. Essentially, there seems to be a great desire to keep customers involved in not only the products they purchase but also a healthy lifestyle as well. Of course, much would be remiss if not for the excellent variety that the online store offers; these range from beauty products to vitamins and sports nutrition.

The website and logo design were created by the graphic design company LogoBee Inc. While LogoBee has been designing first class logos for over seven years this is the company’s very first e-commerce portal The design team at LogoBee are very excited about the logo and website that have a clean and natural look to them which emphasizes the lifestyle that Dear Nature seeks to promote.

Additional information about LogoBee:

LogoBee is a logo design company based in Montreal, Canada. In addition to logo design they offer stationery and web design services. For more information please visit their website You can send your questions online or call 1-888-905-6462