News - July 25, 2007

Sharp new public image and ground breaking developments for the Florida Atlantic Research & Development Authority

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A fresh new look from compliments the new developments slated for this upcoming year

The Florida Atlantic Research & Development Authority was one of the winners of LogoBee’s annual Makeover Project. LogoBee is a Montreal based logo design company who runs a Makeover Project every year where a group of non-profit organizations receive a new public image. Mr. Scott Ellington worked closely with the team of logo designers to come up with a memorable and distinct logo that captured the spirit of Research and Development. “The professionalism and responsiveness of LogoBee was outstanding!” commented the Executive Director.

The timing of this updated public image coincides with upcoming new developments that Florida Atlantic Research & Development Authority will be carrying out this year. Mr. Scott Ellington states that new buildings will be constructed on the most recent land acquisition in Boca Raton. Also the final land parcel purchase in their most recent park, Deerfield Research Park, will be finalized so that development can begin in that location. These developments will be a benefit to both the local economy and FAU, which is exactly what Scott Ellington and his team strive to achieve.

About the Florida Atlantic Research & Development Authority:

The Florida Atlantic Research & Development Authority is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1985 by Florida Atlantic University (FAU) with the support of the Broward and Palm Beach County Commissions. What the organization does is find qualified companies that can work in university related research parks with all of the colleges associated with the FAU to help stimulate growth within the local economy. For more information about them please visit their website, or call them at 561-416-6092

Additional information about LogoBee:

LogoBee is a logo design company based in Montreal, Canada. In addition to logo design they offer stationery and web design services. For more information please visit their website You can send your questions online or call 1-888-905-6462


Florida Atlantic Research & Development Authority has a modern new public image which it received from Logobee as a part of the logo design company’s annual Makeover Project. This new look will accompany upcoming new developments that the organization has planned for this year.