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Yahoo! - logo update

August 30th, 2013

As some of you may know, Yahoo is in the process of replacing their old logo. Right now, the company is showcasing 30 different logo designs over 30 days, one logo every day. We are not sure how the selection process works, as we couldn't find any user voting feature on the site. The big reveal is scheduled for September 5th! There are no news on who designed the samples or who will be making the final decision.

Here at LogoBee, we've decided to experiment with a few ideas of our own. Here is a list of 6 logo samples designed by our team. Their styles vary from conservative to liberal. Personally, we believe a simple cleanup of the old logo (removing all the serif add-ons on the letters) would be a good choice for Yahoo.

We welcome your input on the designs and your thoughts on the process. If you wish so, we will gladly add your samples to the list along with your credentials. Please email your files and credentials to: service-lb@logobee.com

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Hi "Bay Area". Yeah, Have you seen their own collection? Does anyone know who designed them? I wonder how much money was spent on something like that, most of them look like a standard font.

by PavelSeptember 04, 2013

h that's great news for the yahoo user or those who loves to use the yahoo.i think all the logo looks cool.

by Bay Area Logo DesignSeptember 02, 2013