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LogoBee selected among top Web Designers by ThreeBestRated

March 21st, 2022


We are very proud to be selected and listed among ThreeBestRated’s Top 3 web designers.
LogoBee has been specializing in custom web design for over 20 years. With numerous happy clients, top-quality customer support and experienced designers and programmers working in-house, LogoBee is one of the most reputable companies in the field. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, for example by offering supplementary services such as custom logo design and a free Logo Design Maker. By providing custom service we can work with the client from the very beginning, advising them on site structure and content, helping with modeling the necessary functions all the way to the final stages of the site, testing on multiple browsers, uploading and setting up hosting and making sure the site goes live without a hitch.

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Black Friday 2021 Deals on Logo Design, Websites and Templates

November 19th, 2021


During this Black Friday week we invite you to enjoy savings of up to 20% sitewide on custom logo design, website development and all types of graphic design. The sale starts on Nov 22nd and will last until Nov 29th. The LogoBee team will be more than happy to assist you in creating a unique logo or web design and tailored to your needs.

Call us at 1 888 905 6462 


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Why Every E-commerce Business Should Reconsider the Design of Their Product Pages

March 24th, 2021



At the heart of the e-commerce industry is product pages. You can’t make sales without a strong online representation of what you’re offering. You’ve probably visited Amazon.com and Walmart.com hundreds of times and are familiar with their web design layouts. However, there are a lot of additional things you can focus on for your pages to remain as competitive as possible.

Gartner took a look at how the pandemic shifted more businesses to a digital model. Researchers confirmed that societal changes propelled digital commerce to become the number one customer buying channel. They advise all industries to look to online technologies to adapt to changes and remain competitive.

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How To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: Design Challenges

December 1st, 2020

How often do you use your smartphone to surf through the Internet? We aren't psychics or mind readers but we can already guess that the answer to this question is "frequently". Over 80% of Internet users use their mobile phones to watch YouTube videos, read articles and search for anything they need.

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How to Write SEO Optimized Content for Your Company's Website

March 10th, 2020

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-gray-laptop-computer-on-writing-desk-210643/


Whether you’re launching a brand new website for your company or have already established your presence on the online scene, SEO optimization can only add to your marketing strategy’s efficiency. According to 99 Firms, 75% of users rarely scroll past the first page of SERP in their search engines, with SEO being able to drive conversion rates up by up to 14.6%, making it essential for companies to optimize their websites and content.

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The Ultimate Guide For Web Design Psychology

December 2nd, 2019

Consistently providing exciting content on your web page is an excellent way to attract regular visitors. However, there are a couple of subliminal elements that need to be used in the web design to boost traffic. These elements are psychological, resulting in the visitors not realizing what keeps attracting them to the site.


To create a visually engaging site that keeps visitors returning, attention needs to be paid to a couple of essential web design areas that will make your website stand out in the already crowded digital landscape. First, let us have an understanding of what web design psychology essentially is.


Web design psychology is getting to know how visitors feel when they visit your site. That is, designing your website in a manner that engages the feelings of visitors either consciously or subconsciously. This understanding helps to improve and positively influence the traffic your website generates.


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5 pitfalls of using templates for web design

September 28th, 2017


In today’s business environment dominated by the slogan “better, faster, cheaper”, templates are often seen as the go-to solution for everything. Need a logo? Get a free template. Need a website created? There are template-based web development platforms for that as well. Many entrepreneurs tend to think of these platforms as being “basically web design, but simpler and cheaper.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way: if you don't choose a website building platform wisely, there are several drawbacks to web template platforms that custom web design does not share.

1.       You don’t own your website. This is the root cause of many issues with website templates. The development platform hosts your website, essentially “loaning” it to you. In fact, if you read the Terms of Use of some template-based web development platforms, you will find that they can freely modify your website without your consent.

2.       Website templates are cheaper… in the short run. A corollary of the above, really. As tempting as it may seem to save on web design, you need to consider that template-based web development platforms usually run on a “freemium” basis. To remove ads, change your domain name and overall give your site a modicum of professional appearance, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee, and the more functionality your website has, the higher it rises. You might save money in the short term, but in the long run, even a dozen dollars a month can gradually add up.

3.       You have very limited options for modifying your website. Your company may grow, but web development platform templates offer very limited possibilities for expansion compared to a site you own. Eventually, your company may “outgrow” your website, and then you will have to buy a custom website anyways and go through the trouble of migrating all your data, something that’s not always easy depending on the platform you use.

4.       Your website may look generic. Templates are not exactly known for giving much room to creativity. Even with a variety of design options available, your site will typically lack a “personal touch” to make it really stand out. Experienced web designers can help you find a way to personalize your website, so without professional assistance and with relatively limited template material to work with, your site may come off as dry and impersonal.

5.       Template-based websites are not always the best for SEO. Despite many companies’ claims to the contrary, it is frequently difficult to implement a working SEO strategy into template websites, leading them to be ignored by Google searches.

Unless you are a trained automobile mechanic, you probably wouldn’t build your own car. Shouldn’t the same logic apply to a professional website? Missing or malfunctioning features and poorly implemented SEO can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Template-based web development platforms may be fine for blogging and other limited applications, but if your business goal is to go big, it may be a good idea to invest into a professionally-designed website that you can grow and expand in accordance with your clients’ and your company’s needs.


About the Author:

Daniil Stoenko is a professional writer and translator who produced a variety of articles for LogoBee’s Logo Design Blog over the years.

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LogoBee’s new website design

January 23rd, 2014

You might have noticed that things are looking a little different here on the LogoBee blog, and over on the main website, www.logobee.com.

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New LogoBee Logo Design and Website Navigation

October 25th, 2013

The time has come to kick it up a notch. After our successful logo update, we have moved on to upgrading our website itself. Along with the new logo came a new header and an updated navigation system. It is much more clean and intuitive than the previous one was. Lots of plans are on the way for the rest of the website as well! Stay tuned.

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Web design vs graphic design – what’s the difference?

August 12th, 2010

web design
To answer this question, it’s firstly important to establish that there is a difference. Web design is the art (and science!) of building a website. On the surface, a web designer is someone who makes a pretty website by arranging blocks of text, images, and other elements into an attractive and eye-catching design that will inspire a site visitor to take a closer look at the product, service or information being offered. Delve deeper however, and you’ll see that web design is highly technical and includes the use of some complicated-sounding programming languages. Speak PHP, Ajax, BASH, AWK, TCL or Python, anyone? Graphic design on the other hand was traditionally a print-based profession, and the design process still generally begins with pen-and paper sketches. Nowadays, the internet and computer software such as Adobe Illustrator now go hand in hand with the job. Graphic designers create logos and corporate identities, and design packaging, advertising, letter heads, brochures and more. They work with typography – not only the traditional black and white, or Pantone 2 to 3 color logos, but increasingly these days, full color logos incorporating gradients, transparency, 3D shadows and more edgy effects. A graphic designer may provide the artistic and aesthetic talent towards creating the look and feel of a website, and mock up where on the page the different design elements should go, but the web designer is the responsible for converting this mock up by splitting the graphics into images, polishing the design with software such as Adobe Photoshop, and then using web coding to translate the design onto the screen. Since the global recession, design companies have been increasingly looking for multi-skilled jacks-of-all-trades who can perform the role of both graphic and web designer, thus cutting costs and getting two skills for the price of one.

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Pixmac Stock Photos

January 19th, 2010

Pixmac logo


Pixmac stock photos is the “Pink Picture Market”. One of the fastest growing royalty free stock photography and image agencies in the world began their microstock industry revolution in September 2008.

In less than 2 years, Pixmac has assembled a vast image collection of more than 10 million pictures, representing Fotolia, Dreamstime, Celebrity Images, and the Pixmac collection all from one site. The largest collection of legally licensed stock photos anywhere!

Pixmac invented the "One Stop Shopping" experience for image buyers. This is the ability to find and purchase the perfect image instantly in a matter of seconds without the need to register first.

Girl in a hammock

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Web Site Navigation and Design

November 23rd, 2008

It seems that one of the hardest things to get right in web design is creating proper layout and navigation. Sometimes a web site will be very rich in content, except that traffic will suffer due to poor navigational structure. In other words, navigation has become one of the key ingredients in developing sustainable, long-term traffic to your site. Your site tree: Often before you even get into the graphical aspects of your site, it is useful to think about the content that you will have for your site and brainstorm possible navigational schemes, otherwise known as site trees. These trees describe the way in which your site branches out into articles, products and services, and any other additional sections you may have. You would be surprised how different tree layouts can be created, but not all are created equal. Read the rest of this entry »

Improved website section

September 29th, 2008

LogoBee.com has a wide spread reputation as one of the top logo design businesses around; but they also offer web solutions. They have improved their website design information section. This feature on the LogoBee website has been around for years but it has just recently received a technical makeover. Vast improvements have been made so that internet surfers can find out all of the information that they desire to get a solid idea about how web design works at LogoBee, Inc.
To begin the web design odyssey there is a group of past website samples that were created by LogoBee in the past. Displaying past design work is a good way to introduce potential clients to the design quality being offered. The next step leads to some general pricing guidelines which can provide businessmen with a fair idea about how much their dream site will end up costing them in the end. Of course, all websites are different so it is always necessary to call in to speak with one of the professional about getting an accurate price quote.
Our web solutions coordinator, Tim, is always happy to help out individual interested in having a website created for them. He states that, “Working on the cutting edge of web solutions technology is fascinating. It is always satisfying to have the ability to offer people effective solutions at a minimum cost.” Tim’s enthusiasm for his work transfers in to the quality of support that he provides; past client Wesley Geys had this to say about Tim:
LogoBee’s professionalism is top notch. Communication with Tim was prompt and reliable. The design process was fantastic. It went really smooth and all the main items were discussed and understood before they went to design. I would absolutely recommend LogoBee to anyone needing a logo design or website.
If interested browsers are not ready to phone in for an actual consultation they can always read over the ‘Process’ section that is available. This seven step overview will provide a general knowledge regarding the process that website design follows. So, regardless of your level of interest in getting your ideal website created for you; the LogoBee website is a phenomenal place to stop by.

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LogoBee Completes a New W3C Compliant OSCMax

August 21st, 2008

W3C logo designLogoBee logo design has recently taken it upon itself to start the cleanup of the OSCMax Shopping Cart Suite. This project was intended to accommodate web developers and programmers in general.  The final version has been released in the hopes that the web community, and LogoBee clients, will benefit  from their best efforts. OSCMax is a derivative of osCommerce which is the world’s most used Shopping Cart. It comes with a lot of extra functionality pre-installed, while osCommerce requires you to install them manually.  Many articles have been written on the fact that this open-source solution is not W3C compliant and that it would be a large job to resolve this. These articles point out that a full cleanup to bring the code up to speed with the W3C compliancy expectations would be quite complicated. LogoBee logo design has done their best to make the OSCMax Shopping Cart Suite code W3C compliant. The code was quite extensive and the clean up was a time consuming process; but LogoBee is proud to release the results of their best efforts.  Now website developers and programmers from the global web community will be able to benefit from their hard work with the new OSCMax shopping cart suite which can be found on LogoBee.com. The final version produced by the LogoBee team has been released and the web community is encouraged to try it out. This final version of the OSCMax Shopping Cart Suite can be found on the LogoBee website at this location:  http://www.logobee-web.com/demo/oscmax/.

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LogoBee unleashes explosive new ‘BundleBee’ Package this spring

June 18th, 2008

LogoBee, Inc. did not hibernate during the cold winter; rather they brainstormed and created arguably the best graphic design package available.  LogoBee took their top-quality logo, web and stationery design services and mixed them all together to form the ‘BundleBee’, which explodes on to the scene with the force of a supernova!
LogoBee has established a stellar reputation in the logo design world.  They have over eight years of artistic experience; and have taken top honors in the Summit Creative Awards and American Design awards.  Their web design department’s reputation has been soaring since it was added to their list of graphic design services.  The new ‘BundleBee’ melds these two incredible marketing elements together allowing customers to obtain the best that the graphic design universe has to offer!
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