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Animal Logo Template Collection

March 26th, 2024

In this article, we have selected a variety of animal-themed logos in different styles to help you choose the right one for your company, no matter which direction you want to pursue. You will find all these templates here: https://www.logobee.com/logo-maker/draw. After choosing the most appealing template to reflect the soul of your company, you can add a variety of finishing touches: writing out your company name in a wide selection of fonts, changing the color of the logo, adding gradients or outlines, replicating or removing design elements, and so on. The possibilities are endless.




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FIFA 2018 World Cup mascot: The secret dark side of Zabivaka

October 26th, 2016



Out of the three prospective official mascot designs for the upcoming 2018 FIFA football World Cup in Russia, Zabivaka the wolf was chosen by a landslide, easily beating the competition – a tiger and a cat. He is a charismatic character, whose official biography describes him as “charming, confident and social”, and as “a fair player, [who] values his team members and respects his opponents”. Yet, unbeknownst to most translators, his name tells a different story…

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