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How To Create a Logo: Part 1 – The Brief

August 20th, 2010


The role of the graphic designer in creating a great logo for a particular company is a very important job – that logo will be used on the company’s advertising and marketing materials, on their website, on emails, on letterheads and stationery. It speaks volumes about the company’s ethos, its style, its purpose. A logo is a focus point for the eye, and a point of reference for the brain.

So how does a graphic designer actually go about creating a logo? Aside from the artistic and technical details, there are a few very simple rules to follow, and we’ll be discussing these in a series of blog posts.

The first thing that graphic designers, and the client, need to consider is the design brief. Sometimes, this is easy. As a client, you may have a clear idea of the type of logo you’re looking for. You already know which colors you want to use and the style you want to portray. Sometimes, the designer has more freedom and can start from scratch. Whichever applies, it’s essential for the designer to obtain as much information as possible from the client by asking pertinent questions, often thinking outside the box. What does the company do? What are its goals and ambitions? How does it want to make the client feel? Using the answers to these questions and more, the designer should be able to work with the client and come up with a meaningful, eye-catching and recognizable logo that truly reflects the company it was designed for.

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