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10 Free PowerPoint Design Templates for Various Businesses

July 19th, 2021

PowerPoint presentations have become an essential part of daily business life in a corporate environment.

For your convenience, we have created a series of different PowerPoint theme templates that may be suitable for your presentation, depending on type of your business. We used slightly edited versions of logos taken from the Logobee Logo Maker to complement each PowerPoint design. On the right side of each image, you can see the original unedited logo template. All PowerPoint files are free to download.




Vivid and colorful style that channels the most creative aspect of the design spectrum. It is meant to convey a sense of unbridled energy and unlimited imagination. The idea is to evoke feelings of ingenuity and talent. The logo icon is digitalized to reference digital printing and is done in CMYK colors. The logo name is written in a simple font without capital letters to highlight modern technologies.

Download Print Shop Powerpoint

Logo Font: Maven Pro



Clean, modern design, with a variety of colors. This design is oriented towards students or education specialists. It evokes a sense of order, forward thinking, problem solving and fun. The simple logo is a symbolic representation of people from various cultures working together, learning, and solving problems, and evokes feelings of wonder and knowledge.

Download Learning and Education Powerpoint

Logo Font: Nunuto



The design uses mostly natural colors and rich blends, conveying the idea of natural ingredients, with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The logo design is composed of a burger image inside a

circle. Round shapes and bold fonts are often used for food logos, since they are easily visible from a distance and give a comfortable and warm feeling.

Download Restaurant Powerpoint

Logo Font: Corben



Soft and natural colors with an elegant, inviting design, accompanied by images of nature, the body, and décor. The fine lines of the logo convey a sense of tranquility, luxury, and a safe and organic environment.

Download Beauty Powerpoint

Logo Font: Alex Brush



This clean, modern, digitally oriented design style using a limited palette of colors evokes the idea of futuristic, cutting edge technologies running ahead of their time. We have picked an abstract logo to represent the idea of a digital world and IT technologies. It evokes feelings of trust and innovation.

Download Hi-Tech Powerpoint

Logo Font: Play Bold



Designs in this field tend towards the conservative side of things, but may be both colorful and simple. It is essential, however, to convey messages of integrity, trust, and credibility. The logo design represents a luxurious house and evokes feelings of security, success, and comfort.

Download Real Estate Powerpoint

Logo Font: Cinzel Bold



Bright and friendly design. This PowerPoint template has an image of a woman rendering cleaning services in a work environment. Focused on “clean” colors such as white and pale blue, it conveys a sense of tidiness, professionalism, and reliability, and evokes feelings of friendliness and safety. The logo consists of a sparkling window graphic.

Download Cleaning Powerpoint

Logo Font: Merriweather Bold Italic



Bold and high-contrast design full of sharp angles and bold, solid colors, meant to symbolize a reliable and speedy service. It is usually accompanied with images of vehicles or machinery. The chosen logo, a diagonal arrow, was rotated 45 degrees so that the arrow, now pointing straight up, resembles letter “T”.

Download Transport Powerpoint

Logo Font: Racing Sans One



Soft and warm colors with a friendly design, typically accompanied by images of personnel taking care of the elderly and nature. The soft lines and colors, as well as the logo, which contains the image of a heart and a hand, convey messages of trust, love and reliability and evoke feelings of success and high standards.

Download Senior Care Powerpoint

Logo Font: Kaushan Script



Fun and colorful design, meant to convey the ideas of play, trustworthiness, and learning. The design is accompanied by an image of a kid with games and learning materials. The logo resembles a child’s drawing representing happy and active kids. It is addressed to parents and evokes safety, learning, and trust.

Download Children Care Powerpoint 

Logo Font: Gorditas


We hope you find our design templates useful. Please let us know what you think so that we can keep providing you with even more freebies in the future!


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