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LogoBee constantly works with non-profit organizations

October 19th, 2007

LogoBee holds a logo design makeover project every year; this offers non-profit groups a free logo and stationery design package. However, LogoBee continues to work with non-profits all throughout the year. For example, LogoBee recently completed a logo for Hope Works Santa Rosa. This is a faith-based non-profit organization. They work with gang-related youth to integrate their loyalty and skills in to the community and away from street gang activities.
Their program focuses on four major elements. ‘Relationship Building’ to help these youths form positive friendships and relationships, this is done by offering them supportive role models; ‘Community Connection’ they are integrated in to the community through activities like city meetings, etc; ‘Personal Growth Training’ this element is designed to educate the youths about spirituality, making the right decisions and resolving disputes properly; and ‘Jobs’ where the youths are directed towards jobs in the community where their skills will be put to good use.
Executive Director Daryl Reese commented on what it is like helping to redirect these young people towards better lifestyles; he said that “it is rewarding for me because I get to participate in someone experiencing hope and now looks forward to the future.” He also made it clear that the community in Santa Rosa is very supportive of what his organization does. They benefit from the lifestyle change that these youths undergo as well. This rewarding feeling is shared by LogoBee since they feel that working with non-profit groups is good for communities everywhere.
Hope Works Santa Rosa’s new look is meant to convey certain aspects of the organization to the public. Mr. Reese wanted LogoBee to create a logo design that expresses the qualities of hope, new beginnings and freedom; as well as the business related qualities of strong relationships and professionalism.  When asked to comment on his new logo design he said, “We got all of that and more! I was highly impressed with the quality of the designs, the speed at which the work was done and the extremely reasonable cost.” LogoBee is glad that Hope Works has faith in their logo design work because they have a lot of faith in the work that they are doing in Santa Rosa.

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Another Award Taken for Color Logo Design Concept

September 19th, 2006

award logo designLogoBee wins at the American Design Awards Montreal, QC - Sept 15, 2006 - LogoBee.com has come out shining after participating in the American Design Awards earlier this year. They took home an award for best logo design concept at the semi-annual event. The American Design Awards received over 1200 entries into over 10 different categories, in what they describe as the most engaging and closely fought contests in the history of the awards competition. LogoBee.com is a design firm that focuses primarily on logo design, corporate identities, stationery and brochures. For the awards event they submitted a project they had worked on for the Royal Bank of America. The clients' requirements were to update their look and feel with a new, innovative design to assist in their expansion and branding efforts. The resulting design that LogoBee created was a brand-able icon of a stylized 'R'. Incorporating the head of a bald eagle, the logo design effectively signifies strength and solidarity, important traits in the banking industry. This is the second award that LogoBee logo design has received this year. Earlier in the spring they won an award for 'Southcentral Therapeutic Riding, Inc.,' a color logo design entered at the annual Summit Creative Awards. "We pride ourselves on designing simple and effective company logos" said Tim Liboiron, project manager at LogoBee.com. "I know that we have some great in-house talent here, but it's always nice to receive some recognition of our efforts from time to time." To view a detailed listing of the graphics design winners and contestants visit the American Design Awards website at:www.americandesignawards.com/annual06.html

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Protecting your Corporate Identity

June 8th, 2006

Copyright infringement. How to cope with the rise of internet plagiarism

When it comes to corporate identity and logo design, copyright infringement has become an increasingly prevalent issue. As more and more small businesses find they need a logo to stay competitive, the demand has created a plethora of logo design firms that offer a variety of services from stock clipart images to custom design services.

However, because of the competitive nature of graphics design and the ease in which people have access to information, it has become difficult to ensure that a design remains the property of the respectful owner, and does not become duplicated by someone else. The ease in which an image or logo can be taken from the web and retraced is surprising, and there are even some that fail to realize that online content isn't simply 'public' domain. Therefore you should always be careful to properly document and trademark your logo design, Read the rest of this entry »

LogoBee Wins Top Honors for Color Logo Design Concept at the 2006 Summit Creative Awards

April 15th, 2006

award logo designPortland, OR - April 25, 2006 -- LogoBee.com got a big boost recently from the Summit Creative Awards, having won a prize for color logo design earlier this month. The annual awards event received submissions all around the world. Twenty-six different countries took home at least one prize in categories such as print, advertising, video production and graphic design. The complete listing of the awards winners can be found on the Summit Creative Awards website. LogoBee.com is an online company that focuses primarily on logo design corporate identity. For the awards event they submitted a project they had worked on for Southcentral Therapeutic Riding, Inc., a nonprofit horseback riding corporation based out of Chugiak, Alaska. The organization, also known as STRIDE provides riding lessons to children and adults with special needs and disabilities. "Many of our clients can't walk, so riding a horse is a tremendously empowering experience for them" said Wendy Givigliano of STRIDE. "One of our initial concepts was to have a logo design showing the horse and rider as one, and we also wanted to have the logo show how our horses can help our clients make giant strides toward better health and fitness." The logo designconcept was to portray the non-verbal connection that takes place between horse and rider, and its positive effect that is brought upon the human spirit. A seemingly easy task, but subtle when considering logo design elements. "I had a lot of fun with this design," said Anna Kuprieva, lead designer of the award-winning project. "The logo's spherical lines allow the horse and rider to be mirrored together, capturing the essence of the company's mission." Two years after having completed the logo design with LogoBee.com, the riding center continues to be a hit with its clients, and is even looking to expand its services. However, the horses require an extraordinary amount of money and effort to maintain and care for, and need continual financial assistance through non-profit donations. Visit their website for program and donation information.

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LogoBee Interviews David Undis, Founder and Director of Lifesharers

March 15th, 2006

"LifeSharers is certainly an ingenious idea to increase the number and availability of organ donors. The more members it has, the more organ donors there will be and fewer people in need of organs will be unable to get them." -Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics Introduction - LifeSharers.org was one of the lucky winners of the Logo Design Makeover contest held by LogoBee logo design earlier this year. LifeSharers is a non-profit organization that was created to help encourage organ donation through its innovative sharing network. Dave Undis, founder and executive director of the organization was kind enough to set aside some time to be interviewed about their organization and the logo design project. LogoBee - Hi Dave, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Dave - My pleasure. LogoBee - First things first, could you give us a little bit of background on what LifeSharers stands for and why Lifesharers.org founded? Dave - Certainly. LifeSharers was founded to reduce the shortage of human organs for transplants in the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

Interview with Kendra Todd

January 15th, 2006

LogoBee speaks with Apprentice winner Kendra Todd and My House real estate partner Charles Andrews about their experience designing the My House logo, 

Kendra Todd Interview

winning the LogoBee:"As you know, LogoBee is an online logo design firm and there is often a bit of a trust issue for some customers with respect to purchasing products or services online. Would you say that you are generally quite comfortable purchasing products and services online?" Charles: "I'm fifty-fifty I guess. I'm skeptical at times." LogoBee: "Was there something in particular about our website that reassured you that you could trust our company?"Charles: "I really did a lot of research. Your site is very professional. It just had a good, warm feel to it and you know, everybody, especially down here where we live, this is a big entrepreneurial capital. Everybody's got somebody who does logos and corporate imaging and I had actually went to a recommendation first. We spent a lot more money and I wasn't happy with our final product. And right before we were about to go to print with this new stuff, I was just sitting there one night, and realized that I don't feel good about Read the rest of this entry »

LogoBee: A company that cares!

August 6th, 2003

Logobee.com, a logo design company founded out of Montreal, Canada in 2000 has enjoyed much success thanks to its attention to detail, its quality of service and customer care. Specializing in corporate identity (logo design, business card/envelope/letterhead design), the company has expanded its services to include printing, website and brochure design!

Logobee's easy-to-talk to Project Coordinators supported by its professional team of designers makes for a pleasant working experience for all involved with the project. We have an outstanding support staff that is well-trained in public relations and are available during normal business hours (9:30-5:30, Monday to Friday), online live chat, or can be reached via email just as easily.

Designing your logo requires professional designers who have patience and are creative in their work. Here at Logobee, you will find top-level designers whose work speaks for itself: www.logobee.com/logo-design-samples/logo-design-samples.php

All of these logo designs were created on-site by our design team and are never designed from clip-art templates..

At Logobee, we look forward to working with all of our customers and guarantee an exciting, fun and creative experience at competitive prices.

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