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Coca-Cola removes labels

July 28th, 2015

I could probably write a hundred different blog posts about the soft drink super-giant that is Coca Cola – the evolution and history of the brand is fascinating, as is the success of legendary campaigns such as “Diet Coke Break guy”, “Holidays are Coming” and the recent “Share a Coke” initiative, which saw the famous logo replaced by people’s names. Perhaps one day I will.

But the subject of today’s Coca-Cola-related post comes from the Middle East where, in the midst of the holy month of Ramadan, some people were enjoying their can of ice-cold Coke (during the hours of darkness, of course) without a logo on it all.


The idea is part of a social responsibilty campaign called “Remove Labels this Ramadan”. It’s part of a bigger Coke campaign called “Let’s take an extra second”, which encourages people to look beyond first impressions.

With its associated strap-line, “Labels are for cans, not people”, the campaign is particularly focused on the United Arab Emirate of Dubai, whose thriving commercial industries draw ex-pats from over 200 nationalities to its desert oasis.



Along with the unlabelled cans, Coca-Cola launched this video of a social experiment, which has quickly gone viral, in which six strangers meet in a darkened room (supplied with lots of Coca-Cola, of course). Check it out!



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by Prashast Singh MallaOctober 20, 2019

Ohh I see, so they are not trying to "brand" their product :) By creating a buzz, and showcasing their product like supreme "taste". No marketing here :) The can is obviously still recognized as a Coca Cola brand isn`t it ? It may have been a true experiment if they made a green can with no graphics at all. Lets try that ?

by PavelJuly 31, 2015