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Business Card Design Guidelines

August 12th, 2014

When you are handing out a business card, you are introducing someone to your company for the first time. It is therefore important to make a good first impression with an attractive logo design, as well as a well-designed business card that projects quality, professionalism and a dash of pizzazz to set yourself apart from the crowd.

LogoBee logo design has come up with some guidelines to consider when having a card designed. Having a good logo design is a great start but it is equally important for your card to do your logo and your business justice.


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Great infographic, a lot of times people get lost when designing and this really useful! I recently wrote a post on printing sizes, hope you find it useful: https://blog.placeit.net/guide-for-print-sizes/ :D

by GabbieOctober 04, 2017

Nathaniel, These are not designed by me or logobee. We only collected and created this collection as an example of stationery design capabilities. In real life these sort of designs are rarely accepted. It is very creative but not so practical. Hard to read information.

by PavelSeptember 19, 2014

Nah man! No suggestions. Your designs are really cool. Its not something that you typically see. They look more like invitations rather than business cards. Its amazing. Keep doing what you guys are doing. Two thumbs-up!

by NathanielSeptember 16, 2014

Hi Nathaniel! I`m glad you like our post. We welcome all the opinions and suggestions you may have.

by PavelSeptember 12, 2014

Thank you for this. The designs here are beautiful and unique. Thanks again!

by NathanielSeptember 09, 2014

Very useful source. It is sad to see many of this aspects disappear. Such as Spot color printing and stationery in general. With the age of digital printing and digital information we see less and less usage of these services.

by PavelAugust 15, 2014