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Getting to the details-Let's look more closely!

July 9th, 2011

After making sure that you are dealing with a legitimate company there are few more points to look at:

-There are two different types of logo design companies that exist on the Internet:

One is a company that sells pre made logos. What they do is very simple. They design a collection of logos related to a particular field of business and if you like one of them you can buy it. These logos are mostly iconic logos, or have a special font in it. There is usually very little work done on these logos and are the cheapest that you will find. There are downsides to going this route. First: you have to be very cautious about registering or even thinking of registering this type of logo. These are pre-made logos and usually are sold to many different clients simultaneously which means you may not be the only company that owns the logo.

The second type of logo design company is one that does custom work. These logos are designed from the scratch and they are designed specifically for your company to fit your needs and are 100% original - meaning that you can register this logo once completed and use it as your trademark. One such company is LogoBee.com.

When ordering a customized logo, there are some things that you should consider. Most companies who customize logo designs offer various different packages. These usually include:

1. A fixed amount of initial variations

2. A set turn around time

3. An amount of designers assigned to work on each project

4. A fixed amount of changes included in the package

5. A fixed price

6. Additional services offered (such as stationery design)

7. A set amount of files included in the final logo kit (description of each file)

8. Refund policy

9. Redraw policy

Here are some factors that you need to look at when selecting the best package for your needs:

1. Packages usually vary from 2 to 9 different logo samples. Of course, the less variations offered in any given package, the cheaper it usually is. However, sometimes going with the least expensive package is not always the answer; You are then limited in your choice of samples and the amount of variations you can make. LogoBee offers packages with 6 to 8 initial variations. We believe that by presenting a wider variety of samples we can hit the home run more quickly and effectively.

2. The next thing to look for is a turn around time. It also varies from company to company and it can be anywhere from 24hrs to 2 weeks before the initial variations are ready. You should look at it from a reasonable point of view. It is important to know what is involved in the creation of your logo design. Within 24 hours of placing your order, it usually starts with the gathering of information and initial sketch work. At LogoBee, we spent 5 business days before the initial variations are complete. This time is spent collecting more information from the client, conducting appropriate market research and creating logo design concepts. We pride ourselves in taking the time to design appropriate logos that suit your company and therefor there is no such thing as a "rush job"

3. Another thing to consider is the number of designers working on each project. This is an important detail, that is often overlooked. You don't want to see one designer working on all of your 8 variations. No matter how good the designer is, he will still have some unique style developed and it is always important for any project to be viewed upon with fresh eyes. At LogoBee there are 2 to 4 designers working on each project at any given time.

4. After your initial variations have been completed, you may want to tweak some samples by change colors, and fonts… It is important to know how many changes you are entitled to before you get stuck paying extra fees for each change. LogoBee offers unlimited changes and we will change and modify your logo free of charge until you are 100% satisfied with your logo (depending on the package chosen).

5. Price is definitely one of the more important aspects of the packages. You should look at all of the packages offered and decide which has the most bang for the buck.

6. Additional services may be included in the package you choose; such as stationery design, printing services or life time file support. Logobee offers such extra features within its packages.

7. When your logo is completed and finalized you will need some different file formats to facilitate working with your logo. You will need bitmap files (gif, jpeg) to place your logo on the internet. You will also need a vector file (ai, cdr) for printing, and you may also need a high resolution bitmap file (tiff…) for printing in case you don`t have a vector program handy. LogoBee provides a complete logo design kit with all of the files necessary.

8. Refund policy is another important part of the package. No matter how good the logo design company is, or how skillful they are, the bottom line is that we are creating art and it is subjective. Sometimes it is hard to get the right image or style - even with the 8 different variations. Companies such as LogoBee offer redraw sessions with completely new design variations, but even that may not be enough, so companies such as LogoBee need to have refund policy.

9. As mentioned above, a redraw policy is also an important part of the package. If the designers are a little off on the first batch of samples, it is more than likely that if given a second opportunity, the designers will succeed in hitting their mark!

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