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March 22nd, 2016

Palm Beach jeweler accuses actress Reese Witherspoon of plagiarizing her Magnolia Collection’s logo and using it for her clothing line Draper James.



Here we go again.

Like so many times before, the topic of the day is logo design plagiarism, or accusations thereof. This time, actress and producer Reese Witherspoon has come under fire for the logo of her clothing line, Draper James, which Jordann Weingartner, founder of the company I Love Jewelry, claims to be a copy of the logo she created for her Magnolia Collection.

The jeweler certainly does not mince her words, saying that Witherspoon “literally stole [her] magnolia”. While it’s hard to deny a resemblance between the two logos – both flower shapes with six petals and calligraphic initials in the center – Weingartner’s claims about the logo being her “artistic take on a magnolia” which “actually looks nothing like a magnolia” are slightly harder to swallow: viewed from above, these flowers can indeed have a very similar shape, thus the resemblance could potentially be coincidental. As we have said earlier on this blog, determining whether your logo has been plagiarized or simply inadvertently recreated by someone else is very difficult unless the logo in question has a very distinctive shape.

How ironic that the beautiful magnolia flower, often seen as a symbol of nobility and purity, would become the centerpiece of such a massive scandal.


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Daniil Stoenko is a professional writer and translator who produced a variety of articles for LogoBee’s Logo Design Blog over the years.

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Ohh, come on! Can you really trademark the lotus image? It has been used for centuries by Asian people. Call it whatever you want , but you can google it "Svadhishthana"

by PavelApril 11, 2016